• Address

    Philipp Becker
    Ergoldingerstr. 10
    84098 Weihenstephan
    Telefon: 08784-447
    e-mail: info@quarze-mineralien.de

  • How to reach me

    You find me in the village named Weihenstephan, which is a part of Hohenthann in the county of Landshut - find it on google maps - in lower bavaria. You reach Weihenstephan in a half hour ride by car from the Munich airport and 15 minutes from the Landshut city center. On the highway A92 Munich-Deggendorf you take the exit Landshut-Nord, and at the first red light you turn left in the direction of Rottenburg/Laaber. Follow the signs for Rottenburg and you won't miss Weihenstephan. In Weihenstephan you turn left after the local restaurant called Schloßgaststätte - that's where I'll meet you!

    The google map code is J4H7+93 Hohenthann - when you copy and paste this into the google search field you will see the location on the google map!

    For ballon-pilots and other persons having navigational systems aboard, here the exact geographical position:
    48°37'42.42'' northern latitude and 12°06'45.0'' eastern longitude at 448m above sea-level

    Please do not mistake this Weihenstephan for the part of Freising, which seats the Technical University of Munich and the world famous brewery - watch a webcam there- during office hours from 9am to 5pm, of course.

  • Shows in 2021, letīs be optimistic, but subject to changes

    •   June 24. - 27., St. Marie aux Mines, Elsass, France, ZM PR2 - please check the Show Website for new developments

    •   October 22. - October 24., Munich Mineral Show, probably A6.669 - please check on the Munich Show website for more information
    •   November 2021, Bavarian Friends of Minerals, Sparkassenarena in Landshut - check the website Expo-Natur-und-Technik to read more on that